sexta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2008

Ehsan Shafiq, the Middle-East Shaolin?!

He masters the art of fighting!!

Ehsan Shafiq Vs. Taekwondo fighter

Watch that K.O after nine (yes, 9!) minutes of fight!

Ehsan in a European Taekwondo tornament

No comparison! Ehsan is faster, more skilled, more efficient than is opponent. No chance!

Ehsan Shafiq's history

Ehsan Shafiq started his martial arts training in 1988 with Wahidullah Shafiq which is the alleged founder of Kung-Fu in Afganistan and Pakistan.
You can see in his style of fighting the level of his skill in is KungFu style, very similar to Shaolin's Kung-Fu.

Pictures of his trainning

Kind of Insane...

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